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Hello how are you all? Back again with my Blog owner of Mas Uya. The opportunity I want to discuss about the 3D game Dance-based Web Browser.

Oh yes, I also play this game loh, Do not believe? Here can be seen the following picture:

Touch - My Profil

Touch - Bayi

Touch - Couple

The game is called TOUCH, a lot of fashion digame offered the following example:

1.Various Dance Mode : This model is a standard mode and can also be changed according to the most exciting ya I play solo or couple, apart from that there's more like "Bubble, Bubble Couple, Etc.".

2.Cross Server Dance Battle : In this mode you can play with different players to your server, and is very easy. That is enough to make room in the "Cross Server" and you can play with other players in a different server.

3.Marriage Syestem : Well here it is a model that is not less interesting, namely married. Before that you have to be friends first before becoming a partner. This introductory period should be used properly. After becoming a couple, if you want to get married, there are some Quest which you must accomplish both. You can see the information on the Profile menu in Interface. Once the quest is complete then you can get married.

4.Baby Syestem : This he owned Mode touch is to have children. Children can be obtained if we apply to the fairy. If already you can take care of up to a big, big Kalin If it could be your child's Dance together.

For more Mode Come here please drop There you will find cool fashions.

In addition to the Cool Mode, Touch also often Hold digroup Touch Event itself and that win will receive attractive prizes.

Group Touch Prodigy DiFacebook

And again in touch there is a phase where we are against the Boss, touch Many players who want to be number 1 when against touch because it can tempting prize.

How? Exciting is not it? Well for those of you who want to play directly to the website directly ...

For those of you who are curious about this game, Here's a video I took from youtube.

Official Website : TOUCH Prodigy

If you do not want to use the Web Browser, you can also wear Such Client of Touch.

Download Client Touch

Discussion umpteen Game Touch Of Me, Thank You for Reading

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